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EDYN doesn’t ride on your existing network

Deploying EDYN to the Edge boosts Internet connectivity with traffic shaping and QoS to prioritize business critical traffic. Real-time performance monitoring with WIFI MESH technology enables you to provide a secure shadow network for IOT devices, data and interactions.

Cloud-based Centralized Management

Using EDYN’s Dashboard you’ll gain full visibility of your IOT EDGE deployments. The cloud-based dashboard enables you to view appliance status and location, important events, reporting data, and push global configuration.

Your data, your way

How comfortable are you with letting your data off premise?  With EDYN you can quickly configure your IOT edge solution to protect your data and never let it leave your premise, reduce your data egress cost by preprocessing the data at the edge and only sending what you need.  You custom integrations can all be done on site without ever moving to the cloud, the choice is yours and the effort is just a few click of the mouse.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Administrators can remotely set up and configure single or multiple Micro Edge deployments without having to be on site. Automatic upgrades ensure the latest security updates and enhancements.

Security & Threat Prevention and “Zero Trust”

With EDYN at the Edge, you have a stateful firewall, Threat Prevention and Web Filter which blocks traffic that can cause harm to your network.  EDYN does so much more and goes so much further to protect your system and your environment.  When EDYN will only allow IOT Devices and Users to connect to the access point.  All inbound PORTS are blocked and only those output PORTS required to reach your integration points are opened.  Depending upon the configuration you need, EDYN routes are restricted to only those integration servers in the cloud or on premise.

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